Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Grand Opening

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet hubby and I were invited to a grand opening of a Bar-B-Que restaurant  that is owned by a friend of ours.  He already had two other locations, but this restaurant is right in the heart of downtown.  Directly across from City Hall!

It was a really big deal!  All kinds of city officials from the Mayor, to the Chief of Police to the Fire Chief were on hand.

Not to mention tons of TV reporters!

From left to right.  The owner, Daniel Hernandez, the Mayor, Fire Chief and Chief of Police.

The Mayor giving the Hog the first wack.  Would you consider that a ribbon cutting?

Two sweet girls sang the Star Spangled Banner, as the crowd gathered outside.

I guess this was the sacrificial hog.

I rarely get downtown anymore, but I was totally amazed at this wall depicting historical downtown Tampa.  As you look at it you might think it's a poster of some kind.  But the beauty of this is that it's all a mosaic.  When you get up close you cannot make out the details, but from afar it was beautiful.  A patchwork quilt of sorts :-)

I know this isn't a quilt related post, but I thought I would share this day with you.  It was something I've never done before. I hope our friend does well in this prime location.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Your thoughts

Well, here it is!  The Sand and Sea with borders.  I picked this fabric for borders because it is the beautiful Island Batik with fish echoing throughout.

The pattern calls for a 3" border, but I wonder if this fabric is a little too overwhelming to frame the picture?  I could trim a 1/2" off.  What do my readers think??

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sand and Sea

I had a spurt of creative enthusiasm hit me one evening. Lately taking on a big quilting project has not been on my docket.  So as I was thinking of the upcoming Christmas holiday (only 92 days left) I remembered that I wanted to make something special for a friend of mine who is home bound.  As the days until Christmas are ticking away at a very rapid pace, here is what I did.

I dug out this pattern, and rifled through my fabric stash.

And this is the basic Sand and Sea landscape.  I'll be adding the borders to make this into a portrait type mini quilt.  

After working on this, I thought I had better bring out my fall landscape to hang in our entry way.

I would love to have one for each season.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Quilting? What's that?

Do you remember when your kids always had an excuse as to why they did not do what they were supposed to be doing?

While I have not been able to do much (any) quilting of late, I've had my excuses.  Aside from another pressing project that I've been working on (for several weeks, or is it months), we've had a house full of company.  Well maybe not a house full, but our guest room has had a no vacancy sign on it for several weeks.  In and out......... friends of my daughters, two guys who hold seminars in the prisons, and it looks like a covey of girls will be descending upon us later next month.

But in the mean time, this delicious box arrived at my doorstep!.

As an Ambassador for Island Batik, I have been privy to fabric that will be making it's way to your quilt shop in the next month.

Here is a sample of some of the colorful fabrics.

And if you hop on over to their BLOG you will get a peek at the Stained Glass Mystery Quiltalong that BeaQuilter is hosting.

Island Batik

Happy Quilting!